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08 ~ trend of fabrics of Europe of 9 years of autumn winters

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Fabrics of Europe of 2008~2009 Nian Qiudong is exhibited fall next heavy curtain. Although hold the Chun Xia of add popularity in recent years / Qiu Dong's bright and parallel trend is able to continue, but next year Qiu Dong will be used extensively with 2008 Chun Xia " clean " the lightsome fabrics that notional photograph interconnection moves. Agglomeration is masterly the craft, soft texture place that does not have nervous feeling builds the gentle atmosphere that go out to become one big distinguishing feature.

Change high-tech to surmount handiwork to make infirmly

"See the couple that appears two kinds of craft, used method of 5 kinds of ability actually, and quality of a material is very lightsome " -- the main feature that this is design of fabrics of winter of next year autumn. For example, glittering and translucent decorations but be without costly move, the architect hopes to depend on " the halcyon antique after changing processing infirmly feels " one decide the issue of the battle is lost.

Those who reflect this one idea is the product that shows. Eliminate is glittering and translucent those who twinkle is aluminous an original gorgeous colour, chiffon sends out a cupreous burnish. Although be the industrial product that uses high-tech to be made, but condensing the excellent craft that surmounts manual technology however. The abb of special treatment and mohair fabrics, one side is fleeciness open and flat of cottony, one side caves, lightsome unite coexistence with massiness feeling, be those who have distinguishing feature of winter of next year autumn taste absolutely.

The colour of mysterious abstraction and decorative pattern

Seem under cover like some kind of secret mysterious atmosphere. Interpose at specific with abstraction between. Although the client's requirement is endless identical, but abstract expressional gimmick already predominate. Figure of dim rose of aureate cover in, meantime is adding leopard grain design. Smooth knit silk · flax to go up, the delicate orange in the shadow twinkles, because,be above adhesion cupreous silk thread. Excellent quality of a material, masterly manual craft, behaving the mysterious softness that makes a person elusory to feel character.

The visual effect with 3D fleeciness softness

Reveal have concave and convex feeling of stereo structure " 3-D " . It is silk · man-made fibre blending, OK the velvet fabrics that the hand washs. The design that uses fabrics of systole of yarn of a few stretch fiber is very unique. Although used the frilling of big wave, but because inside used frivolous georgette, want it seems that so a few lighter. All the time since, in velvet wait for cottony fabrics respect, the treatment gimmick that makes through rotting the flower machines processing its present all sorts of design is very popular, but the perfect union of the massiness feeling that next year Qiu Dong stresses opposing each other however and lightsome feeling.

Same, jacquard weave fabric also goes after concave and convex feeling and the unity that gentleness feels, for example, increase ripple of just like surface to fabrics like fleeciness feeling predominate. Quality of a material is lightsome, the sew with long stitches of jackknife seams expressional gimmick very grab an eye.
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