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2009/2010 Qiudong men and women fits trend of recreational outfit fabrics

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This season theme is the continuance of pair of on one season: City corner.

Take the close sex of colour and design seriously, exterior eternity takes dominant place.

Colorific exerts promotion exterior effect, black combines nigger-brown, blue, with grid, narrow, plain coloured the fabrics that makes anaglyph result.

Nylon polyester makes fabrics feel suitable slippery, abb polyester buys variety for urbanity fabrics, the not even effect that knit grain suffers bestow favor on.

Emphasize the retractility of fabrics and close together sex, suffer installing style influence, exterior level off but feel is different. Polyester of stripe of double-faced, white, small stripe, cotton is applied by more.

Downy grid design lies fallow on behalf of city element, pure cotton, stretch stripe, grid, a series of black make city feels the exterior is more complete.

Men's clothing is in respect of traditional men's clothing, fabrics chooses to fit close together character of the youth more, material is in character get together the choice in acyl ammonia fabric and cotton. Classical money men's clothing passes downy small design, burnish feeling, classical small division lines will explain, suit to installing circumstance dress.

Traditional men's clothing uses natural look, gray and knitting grain appearance to make the result of extraordinary. Classical aba explains new style, additionally one kind of typical display is jacket of blending color yarn, use on light qualitative trousering at the same time, arrange through slight burnish get soft feel, calico effect, flannel is kneaded add up to white stripe.

The day of classic pattern is installed, the application of twisting bounce gauze makes the exterior more novel. Abb fabrics is returned to, application of science and technology is increased, natural mix, coating, soft, warm, recreational become a keyword. As natural look, tie-in as ash colour gets had better be usinged. Female outfit respect, design of small jacquard weave suits to install a design late more, ablaze it is late outfit key, come true through will flashing the line is embedded in grid. Installing used narrow or average check, abb or silk stripe, the colorific contrast effect such as palm, deep, neutral and many reduplicative stripe get attention.

Abb imply intimacy, fabrics uses flashy plumule softness flaxen, make cold winter warmer. Geometrical graph use on day outfit design, colour arranges means to make cowboy outfit more fashionable, laniary design, double colour contrast is apparent, small silver-gilt effect, burnish is classical bring fashionable sense.

The natural exterior of female outfit, will come true through doing old, burnish, scratch. Cotton / flax / of hempen blending fabric the optimal expression that using also is natural exterior.

Linen-cotton blending, abb blending, the light qualitative fabrics with plum flashy ribbon, rainbow effect fabrics, let female outfit appearance and before have very big connection. Polyethylene, cotton / nylon makes fabrics quality of a material thick, go after the tight construction of double deck agglutinate and feel, contain the slub agglutinate fabric of abb exterior, small lozenge design brings outstanding result. Recreational outfit is recreational hold a respect, design of yarn of shallow ash, Dan Tuo, beautiful type, grid, nigger-brown is first selection, material of colophony coating, abb is the mainstream character.
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