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6 achievement catch spin industry award of national science and technology

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On January 8, the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council holds national science and technology ceremoniously to reward congress in Beijing, party and national leader Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Kejiang attends plenary meeting and for bear the palm the delegate awards prize. Among them, spin industry has achievement of 6 science and technology to win award of science and technology of 2007 year country.

In project of spin bear the palm, gush of “ textile number imprints close together assemble spins system and its application ” and “ annulus ingot research of systematic key technology and applied ” obtain national technology to invent second-class award, “ satellite structure is used high-powered three-dimensional compound fiber spin catchs albumen of soja of the construction ” that braids the development of composite material component and its product line, “ research of whole crucial technology and product development ” , “ is based on character of filar element reaction the silk of adjusting control principle is tall lubricious prison spends coloring technology development and industrialization.

The in season of “ textile number that finishs by the person such as Chen Chun, Jin Xiaotuan imprints system and its application ” , difficult problem of the high speed of printing of textile ink jet that the system of printing of textile number eject that project development develops solved structure of structure of different and complex organization, ply, surface successfully, high accuracy, tall repeatability, it is unifinication of collect computer data processing, accurate machinery, smooth Electromechanical the technology of forward position of international of textile industry domain that is equal to an organic whole, this technology receives wide promotion application in home.

Close together assemble spins the “ annulus ingot that finishs by the person such as Zhu Yunde, Cheng Longdi research of systematic key technology and applied ” , the project undertook an innovation to the twisting mechanism of annulus ingot spun yarn, hair palpability appears conveyer belt of compression ring form one kind, use helix to braid a principle, as will parallel as fiber movement way longitudinal helix rises horn and beard twist corner be identical, chamfer of implementation air current gets together assorted assemble; Use 2 photographs to shed a principle, original creation is three-dimensional compression assorted orgnaization, those who realized annulus ingot to tighten close assemble to spin an orgnaization is compact, efficient; Measure the chamfer of perforative fixed position of the invention, automatically pressure reach a system to wait for an orgnaization from clean, achieved the working status of negative pressure of orgnaization stable state; Of the invention shake frame exceed a balance to be grasped from the lock hold an orgnaization, assured to the accord of condition works between spindle, realized pressurization orgnaization to be needed to fiber stability is applied pressure. The project solved Mao Yu of annulus ingot gauze's much bottleneck problem, the product applies extensively at spinning of fibrous of pure cotton, chemical fibber, mixture cotton, special type.
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