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Buy knitting underwear little common sense

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Xinhua net Beijing on December 30 special telegram knitting underwear is made by a variety of fabrics, cotton, wool, silk, hemp is natural fiber, polyester fibber, acrylic fibbers, polypropylene fibber is chemical fiber. At present the relatively popular “ in underwear product not takes the place of Er ”“ Lai surpasses Er ” to wait to belong to category of fiber of regenerated fiber element actually, it is product of replacement of fibrous sticking gum.

With respect to the bombazine in fabrics character, the demonstrative yarn with yarn higher number is fine, the feel of fabrics is exquisite, dress is relatively comfortable.

When underwear of knitting of choose and buy, should examine a product the symmetry of each place, seaming stitch circle is suitable, the horizontal stroke makes the same score upend, cannot put in corrugate phenomenon, two two shoulder breadth, sleeve length (or trousers length) etc should agree. Outside dividing special design, on colour and lustre advocate complementary makings color should agree.

Want careful observation to whether have needle hole to seaming stitch place, because the laddering of knitwear is very strong, once appear needle hole, can form a hole very quickly, affect the use of the product.

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