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Polyamide fibber all sides plays fabric weaving technology to gain revolutionary

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Market competition is increasingly intense in recent years, promoted link of research and development of the product inside spin fabrics domain deepen and develop, new product emerges in endlessly, what drove fiber raw material from this is ceaseless change. In all fiber raw material in new product, the bounce silk that includes Fu ammonia fishing line with polyamide fibber especially is most popular. Fabrics industry is popular all the time “ does not have the view that playing is not cloth ” , although the likelihood is a little exaggerated, but the popular rate that reflects a bounce fabrics adequately, polyamide fibber all sides plays fabric is the child below background of this kind of market.

limited company of Jiang Fuhua weaving holds to acute meaning to innovate from beginning to end for years, in the manufacturing trial-produce process that plays in polyamide fibber all sides active exploration, grasped technical point, accumulated the experience that comparative, the product is main specifications index classics examines, place check project accords with GB/T17253-1998 " fabric of synthetic fibre silk " the first-rate product requirement that the standard sets.

In job of advanced course whole oar, because polyamide fibber all sides plays the classics broadwise of fabric to all use 70DPA-6DTY,wrap silk of black silk ribbon of Fu 40D ammonia to be raw material, in involving classics process accordingly special the control that noted warping tension, because tension passes to bring about bounce easily to silk ruptures or lose flexibility greatly, of weaving of too small the path after going against undertake. The product uses production of brand-new the craft that avoid an oar, this produces a field in fabrics also is a major innovation. The workshop provides the circulatory system of water air conditioning that can maintain temperature and humidity technically, make temperature and humidity maintains from beginning to end inside normal limits. Use technology of the production that avoid an oar, not only saved oar stuff, more reduced process, reduced cost, become polyamide fibber all sides to play a product to produce medium the biggest distinguishing feature, the development that drove spin industry to be produced without the oar expands.

After on weaving technology, the loom of faucet of gush of ferry field foal that uses an entrance is produced, obtained novel jacquard weave to erect a constituent structure, tension of loom of strict in producing a course control and the speed that hit abb, will decide fabric style through filling density of the machine on control. To improve product quality, reduce the generation of defect phenomenon, amid adjusted craft designedly, adopt increase tension, big mouth, special add oily device goes up after was being installed, reduced effectively break classics, abb to block those who wait for defect phenomenon to happen. After grey production is finished, the machine of coloring of overflow of high temperature high pressure that uses Taiwan entrance undertakes coloring to its, the door that Germany imports person finalize the design machine undertake finalizing the design, ensure the product is in have good spread sex while, have good feel more. The product is arranged after course coloring, have meter of grey color, the color is distinctive, make sportswear of all sorts of men and women, popularity daughter install fabrics aptly.
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