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Crucial fabrics develops a success

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Current, our country takes fabrics outside cabin of the member that develop day of set out on a voyage successfully already. According to introducing, this fabrics is used advanced mixture fiber is made and become, detect via authoritative orgnaization, this fabrics is had high strenth, high temperature resistant, fight bump, radiation-proof wait for character, can satisfy astronaut to give cabin demand.   

Be equivalent to a small-sized aircraft

The space suit of 7 ’ and the space suit that everybody sees now will have “‘ mind very big distinction. The grand of Pang of expert of domain of ” famous spaceflight says. “ spacefarer took fabrics to lay a foundation for the development of the space suit outside homebred henceforth cabin outside cabin. ”

According to expert introduction, the space suit that spacefarer place wears can be divided according to the function to space suit and cabin external application are used inside cabin space suit. The space suit inside cabin also calls lash-up space suit, when manned spaceflight implement cockpit happening leak, when pressure is reduced suddenly, the spacefarer puts on it in time, put through inside cabin to it of form a complete set for system of oxygen, air feed, can fill instantly inside dress press air feed, can provide certain temperature safeguard and communication function. The spacefarer rises in spacecraft commonly, change course, descend the phase that waits for reason of easy hair make trouble puts on the space suit inside cabin, and do not need dress in normal flight.

What what “ Yang Liwei, Fei Junlong and Nie Hai Sheng wear is space suit is used inside cabin. ” Pang Zhihao says, “ and because divine boat wants 7 numbers to realize aerospace,walk, bigger test will be accepted with space suit inside the cabin that the spacefarer place of the task outside executive cabin wears, need to realize more technologies to break through on development so. ”

According to expert introduction, the space suit outside cabin is the important step that assures to finish activity giving cabin spacefarer safety, effectively. Its basic skill can be to protect a spacefarer not to suffer astrospace the influence of harsh environment, it is a spacefarer individual the small environment that provides Lai Yisheng to put.

Pang Zhihao still discloses, the space suit outside the cabin of “ our country will take the design kind that has insurance string. Can satisfy already so maintain communication connection with airship and ground, the spacefarer that also can be the activity outside cabin provides oxygen, food, excrete trash at the same time. ”  

Not only heat insolation is close friends, can come loose even hot

The expert thinks, the space navigation outside cabin is taken outer defend material is the crucial place that its shape, what it should not have place of cabin to be taken orally is radiation-proof, prevent ultraviolet ray, fight suddenly cold, suddenly the function such as heat. Because give the spacefarer of cabin,may encountering the one side that faces the sun is high temperature of 200 much Celsius, back move the low temperature that the one side of the sun is Celsius 0. This kind suddenly the cold, change that heats up suddenly must want to use special material to reach defend layer.
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