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Intelligence changes laser technology to cause dress batch to machine new revolu

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According to concerning data statistic, there is in every 7 dresses on the world is China is made, there is to be produced in China in dress of every 4 exit, china already became ” of “ world plant undoubtedly. But the backside that measures in breathtaking output and exit, having the awkwardness of difficult character however, contradiction of sex of structure of Chinese spin product is increasingly outstanding, 3 big questions let Chinese textile cannot cast off the situation of “ is big and not strong ” from beginning to end: It is spin raw material onefold; 2 it is to machine equipment of craft, technology to lag behind; The 3 dress that are incommensurate big batch, much breed, quick delivery are idiosyncratic requirement.

Be in Guangdong and area of river short for Zhejiang Province, have a lot of companies annual exit specified number or crop are very considerable, but those who not allow to ignore is, great majority company stops in the level that brand generation is versed in, own brand goes not to go abroad from beginning to end the door. Additional, the rise that the advantage also is in the industrial catenary that conventional labour force compares advantage and China to already was formed to wait for manufacturing industry of a few nations as Vietnam, India and shake.

The wolf came already was no longer preach emptily, what must face however is actual. The enterprise wants to win a winner to move in increasingly intense whole world competition, must enhance product competition ability, try every means promotes a product additional cost and profit space.

The brand is a long-term course, because this brand is add,be worth gain profit form to a lot of enterprises not be short-term the reality inside, from production only efficiency sets out, improve facility, ability utmost ground promotes the gain of the enterprise the standard, win space and time to develop thereby.

Company of Hua Na is so do. A few years ago, they or domestic actual strength flatly small company, already grew nowadays the diversity industry group that is to be given priority to with production of dress treatment, toy, they did not walk along pure support to increase labour force to have the beaten track of low administrative levels of enterprise dilate, however closely around equipment upgrade replacement respect make an issue of. Of course, they also are the companies that equipment of the first batch of use laser has dress, toy is machined. Come down a few years, when others more and more step forward dimension difficult when, this company is growing with breathtaking speed however.

This year in July, this enterprise found them again all the time the laser of partner gold movement since, the requirement is ordered make a batch can utmost saves cloth, and operate aircraft of simple laser of tall intelligence bull.

The client's requirement not without the truth, for instance 4 laser machine, its machine efficiency is only head laser beam cutting machine almost is fourfold, and the power photograph of laser machine compares only head machine only big however a few tile, besides need not increase laser equipment jockey, want to know, in and other places of Hua Dong, Hua Na, the social status of mechanic of laser equipment operation is not low. More important is, what this enterprise produces is high-grade toy, price of the material that make is high, accordingly, of fabrics save the cost control to the enterprise to rising to not allow small inspected function. And toy manufacturer is cut into parts to falling to expect and differ everyday piece norm requirement, also offerred new task to equipment manufacturer.
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