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Abundant of A.d. of short for Shaanxi Province is antistatic fabrics wins award

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Recently, in “2008 of store of Shanghai world trade year prize-giving ceremonially of ” of popular fabrics investigation, the “ metal blending that technology of spin of abundant of A.d. of short for Shaanxi Province studies to limited company is produced antistatic fabrics ” , the accord that the exceedingly good character that with its the technology innovates, good cloth cover style and original innovation design won businessman and expert reputably, obtained ” of award of innovation of technology of “ of 2008 popular fabrics finally.

Yuan since abundant company holds water, take the innovation of the development of the product and technology seriously all the time, the fabrics of functional sex professional clothing that its produce gets be admissived extensively in the industry such as oil, chemical industry, electron. Choose blending of sent metal of new product “ this model antistatic fabrics ” , get used to market demand namely, raise place of labor protection grade to develop development. This product innovates with its superior technology the accord that characteristic, good cloth cover style, original innovation design won businessman and expert reputably, obtain ” of award of “ technology innovation finally. Company premier Zhang Pu is chosen tell a reporter, this award obtain, reflected yuan of abundant company “ adequately to go after an advanced technique, develop top-ranking product, provide excellent service, create the business purpose of outstanding brand ” . The company also will be motivation with this, increase investment of product research and development, undertake the technology innovates ceaselessly, extend domestic and international market ceaselessly with advanced technology and excellent client service.

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