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Explore the way that spin science and technology innovates

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The Sang Ma 2007 awards prize on the informal discussion of celebration, was full of the person that attend the meeting not only lifetime of businessman of fund author, famous to Sang Ma spin Mr Cha Jimin is patriotic respect course of study, industrial dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland, science and education encourages spun sincere spin feeling chase after think of, and also make a person be experienced strongly, the rising enthusiasm that broad spin teaching staff and scientific research worker innovate to exploring spin scientific research and persistent belief. In structural adjustment of development of spin entire industry, below the setting that the importance that to science and technology contribution leads promotes ceaselessly, mulberry hemp award it is to worker of broad spin scientific research a tremendous drive is invigorated undoubtedly, sturdy they start tomorrow the belief of times of spin of new and high technology.

Although mulberry hemp award spend every year carry, but around move spin innovation and the theme that breed a talent are in ceaseless and outspread, the topic still is continueing.

Explore the way that spin science and technology innovates

Summary of informal discussion of prize-giving ceremony of award of ——2007 mulberry hemp

Mu Hanwen word arranges land of duckweed of banquet of reporter of □ our newspaper / photography

(Detailed content is read please on January 16, 2008 " Chinese spin signs up for " the 3rd edition)

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