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A few kinds waterproof breathe freely the simple function contrast of fabrics is

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The friend that engages outdoors period of time agrees to know surely, the high-tech that outdoors dress flaunts, high-powered very big what follow fabrics partly is waterproof breathe freely about, so waterproof breathe freely fabrics is after all how principle, all sorts of material on the market after all the effect how?

Waterproof, breathe freely, listen go up itself is a pair of incompatible system, since waterproof, it is sealed so, we know, water is be all-pervasive, how may breathe freely again so? Actually this character with water is concerned, everybody knows, the face of water has pulling force, can discover in the life, when we pour water water often can little of mouth of tower above cup still won't be poured out of, this is the result of pulling force of water meter area, because water element has larger molecular gravitational force only,this phenomenon basically is, make every water element as far as possible be linked together cheek by jowl and do not part, and water vapour is water element likewise, but complete independence is between right now every water element, consequently so won't close connection is together. Use this kind of character, the lab passes test discovery, if aperture is enough little word, the water that can allow vapour condition completely merely so is passed and do not let liquid state water pass. Used this kind of character to be invented then waterproof breathe freely material, use namely get together fat kind the crisscross with fiber qualitative material forms many small hole on fabrics, with the commonnest waterproof breathe freely material GORE-TEX is exemple, the principle of this material is to be in do not have square inch on distributinging move amounts to several alveolus, the diameter of every alveolus is liquid state 1/20000 of the least water, and the smallest than vapor however position is 700 times larger, this is waterproof the principle that breathe freely.

The picture is foreign lab to a few kinds waterproof breathe freely the comparative test that the permeability of material can have, this chart included all sorts of our common material almost, here takes us to say the performance of all sorts of material for the basis with this. A few kinds when say to include in chart first are in country's quite can common material, the material that left and final group is him LOWEALPINE, oneself Nextec material of PATAGONIA is above, again the Entrant material that upgrade is Japanese Dong Li, dong Li is mixed actually company of GORE dagger Er is similar, have stuff only, without finished product, again upgrade is EVENT material, right most below the HYEVNT material that is TNF, upgrade is Colombian OMNI-TECH, again the Conduit that upgrade is MHW, again upgrade is heart the Sympatex Chinese that pass makes be protected newly comfortable, again another kind of material that upgrade is Japanese Dong Li calls Dermizax, again above it is GTX and GTXXCR, the material with main home common dress again here face. Say chart coordinate besides, the abscissa states the humidity of fabrics inside and outside is poor, ordinate expresses permeability can, what the quality humidity difference that the unit is the water vapour that every square metre can give 24 hours every fully uses is in fabrics two sides, be in relative humidity at the same time in the environment of 100% , other one side differs from 30%-70% , in the change of humidity we discover, almost all material are OK end is two kinds of types. One kind is be a delegate with LOWEALPINE and PATAGONIA and EVENT almost of the level linear, another kind is other voluminous data was formed adjacent at half parabola. Our commonnest GORE-TEX can discover in chart, permeability can is the effect is best in all data that submit parabola. But breathe freely effect float is very big, basically did not make the same score rice to be in everyday 1200 grams - drift between 3500 grams, when exterior and dry when permeability can be reduced greatly. And of manufacturer of Er of GORE-TEXXCR Cong Ge nominal allege in light of data can promote than traditional GORE-TEX permeability 25% , will look from data of form actual measurement such really also, same nevertheless float is bigger, basically be in everyday every make the same score meter of 1500 grams - between 4000 grams. The permeability that the product permeability with nominal manufacturer often can be moment of this material peak value can, to this kind of accretion that differs as humidity of inside and outside, for the material that permeability can reduce greatly, this kind of moisture nature that tags means is very big. And the material that reads EVENT to be a delegate again, breathe freely function no matter difference of humidity of inside and outside is how old, can maintain basically control in 5300 grams, who among them it is clear to actor or actress everybody can divide what bad a just a little.
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