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The catharsis of woollen sweater and nurse 9 great points for attention

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1, to woollen sweater, we are preferential choice dry-clean or hand are washed, when the hand is washed, water is warm do not exceed 30 ℃ , the proposal is not used with washing powder, can choose woollen sweater special scour, wen Shui is harmonic, with respect to woollen sweater smudgy circumstance take into consideration the circumstances increases an amount, immerse to be kneaded gently, immerse to be kneaded again gently again, relapse a few times so, use clear water rinse next, dehydration 1-2 minute can. If use machine wash, the measure of woollen sweater catharsis that goes up by washing machine certainly undertakes, water Wen Ye should be controlled in 30 ℃ less than;

2, the woollen sweater that buys newly is being worn formally before using best detergent washing, because be in,the in producing a course meeting of woollen sweater touchs the spoil such as a few oily be soiled, olefin, dirt, and the taste that new woollen sweater still can have moth-proofing agent;

3, conditional person can be the woollen sweater of dehydration in the environment of 80 ℃ stoving, if normal temperature air had better not use clothes stand, dress with air garment lever sleeve is hanged however or tile, park is shady and cool and ventilated place;

4, unlined upper garment waiting for wool works to 9 when becoming, iron with vapour after very hot plastics, again air comes to work completely can wear wear and collected;

5, the dirt that goes up via unlined upper garment of wool of brush away of commonly used clothesbrush, lest these dirt affect the exterior of woollen sweater;

6, if successive 3 days two are worn same a woollen sweater, remember change, such meetings make the natural flexibility of abb fabrics gets resumptive time;

7, the place that Yu Liang bright should put to breathe freely after woollen sweater is worn, clothes stand must be used when saving;

8, a kind of simple way is divided knit, in after putting clothings overlay wet cloth for example, ironing to iron or use steam electric iron lukewarm iron very hot;

9, if your woollen sweater was soaked, want as soon as possible its drying, but never use heat source direct drying, like bright fire, warm oneself implement or insolate below intense sunshine directly.

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