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Dress literacy knowledge: Dress of choose and buy 3 attentions

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In recent years sportswear is installed with its cheap of austere, comfortable, price, get the favour of the market. Current, already formed Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang 3 big recreational dress produce distributing center base. Wash to finally from the treatment of finished product of the production of fabrics, dress water, anti-creasing arrange the form a complete set that waits to have one continuous line to serve, intensive is changed, dimensions is changed manage preliminary already form. But as a result of the good and bad are intermingled of company of dress production, treatment, product quality standard still is not stabilized, face effect of class of numerous wonderful dress, quality, brand, proposal consumer had better notice the following when dress of choose and buy: 1. The attention examines the service instruction of the product

Service instruction (say namely mark for the product) it is the tool that transmits the information such as state of product function, quality, use method one kind to consumer, dress product service instruction by buckle the tag on dress and seam the label on dress product to comprise. State of grade of the generator that should notice to examine this dress on tag or the unit of the person that sell and address, quality, tagging product name reachs product current situation, quality of product of current and general dress differentiates for classy article, first-rate product, qualification is tasted.

Examine next seam 3 labels on dress product: It is it is clear to check model norms to whether be conveyed, whether to suit with the bodily form of the person that wearing, can try on of course best. To silk dress, frivolous model dress had better choose a bit some more comfortable, with avoiding blowout of place of the seaming stitch when using or yarn slippage, mix to bounce product premise is with producing depressive move when imitate dress wanting when dress selects bundle of body product. 2 it is to examine dress material (fabrics, in makings, inserts) description of adoption material qualitative composition is all ready, because different material simple dress has different function, different value. The material that makes material of dress of underwear briefs or close-fitting wearing had better choose pure cotton or cotton blending character commonly is qualitative, dress of pure cotton product is comfortable breathe freely, the underwear product of and so on of pure chemical fibber of unfavorable choose and buy (be like pure dacron) . 3 it is to examine dress to have the news that does not have catharsis method, this is the key that guidance uses good product, because different style, characteristic dress is being used, catharsis, safeguarding a gender is distinguished somewhat on processing, can make dress maintains the outward appearance inside longer period if processing is proper beautiful and prolonged is durable. 2. The hand is felt soon the exterior quality of dress product

Above all consumer wants the experience according to need, dress, the function such as grade of qualitative, quality is opposite tags material dress undertakes checking and accept, the real current situation that examines tagging content and kinds or types of goods whether conform to. Main the flaw of the feel from fabrics, cloth cover, chromatism, besmirch, the firm rate of tailor, slide fastener, button has observation. 3. The fabrics of dress safety clothing that notices dress is arranged after printing and dyeing is mixed in waiting for a process, need to add agent of grain of all sorts of dye, auxiliary, especially the dress product of fabrics of cotton, hemp, silk, wear when using easy corrugate, dimension stability is poorer, so some products course avoids the special technology such as very hot, anti-creasing, shrinkproof to arrange now, ironing effect is avoided in order to achieve after be washed inside certain period, but the agent is arranged to be able to produce harmful to human body material more or less in what what in these arranging, use, when when these harmful material remain is taking mount and reaching certain amount, with respect to the skin that meets pair of people, and even the harm that human body health causes different level, so, the dress that comes back to the choose and buy commonly and indicate the dress product that avoids very hot, anti-creasing, shrinkproof and so on, especially the dress such as underwear briefs and shirt of direct contact cutaneous, odd pants, wear before using best bath (the dress except) that tags dry-clean. With a few neutral scour undertakes cleaning, through cleaning, first but one part harmful material rinse out, also can be in the dress additionally production, carry, the dirt in depositing a process, smudgy rinse out, so that be at ease,wearing.
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