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"Glacial hemp " function, coloring and arrange the introduction

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"Glacial hemp " it is the fabrics that dress of a kind of knitting uses. It is with 30% polyamide fibber by 70% filament sticking gum silk is used hand in and twisting and long. After weaving, via wet heat treatment, make have thermoplastic polyamide fibber constituent to produce quick systole, stick glue to be exposed adequately in the surface, make interior has hydrophoby, exterior have hydrophily. Use the dress that this kind of yarn weaves, dress is cool, reason has " glacial hemp " beautiful praise.
"Glacial hemp " take performance advantage to basically reflect in the following respects:
(1) is hygroscopic strong, dress is comfortable. Especially close-fitting take, without itchy feeling.
(2) has certain fastness and flexibility. Inside and outside of the fabric after treatment extraordinary level, especially thin model dress, appropriate summer is being worn, elegant and free and easy.
(Colour and lustre of 3) coloring content is bright-coloured, natural. No matter be below He Chongguang source, without phenomenon of flashy, aurora.
(4) is fought knit a gender good. Knit flowing agent processing via be being fought admirably, be in after catharsis dry when do not produce crease.
"Glacial hemp " treatment of printing and dyeing is emphasized after to arrange working procedure. Coloring basically chooses active dye to stick gum, next the weak acid dye with corresponding reoccupy is covered catch, because be in mechanical drawing process, polyamide fibber may be exposed to come out. Should not be commonly use catch cotton / bright and beautiful the craft of intertexture. When specific treatment, the proposal experiments seriously before coloring.
Above all, because stick glue and polyamide fibber are not parallel existence, former and main outer ministry, and show curve shape, especially the intertexture after weaving is occupied very close, should achieve so catch fully, need longer than catching cotton time. When choosing dye, use the active dye of pair of active radical groups mostly, but the reactivity that needs to notice dye; Because stick what glue fiber lacks cotton to be able to bear or endure,ability in swimming is mixed but catharsis sex, so dye itself should have easy catharsis sex; Use black of neuter soft water to boil, ensure the orientaton that sticks gum is spent reduce; Use tall lubricious prison to spend dye; Accord with the environmental protection standard on international.
Next, because there is polyamide fibber constituent in yarn, catch to prevent polyamide fibber contest, join block of right amount polyamide fibber to acquire an agent, in order to maintain polyamide fibber and the color consistency that stick gum.
Finally, add necessarily in catching bath flowing fight knit an agent (blame ion) . No matter be yarn or hand-me-down coloring, reduce fiber as far as possible between, the coefficient of friction between fiber and machinery, make fiber contracts equably, take strict precautions against cockling, affect the flatness of dress and exterior. Carry out a proof, once the crease of polyamide fibber is formed it is not reversible, it is especially in process of damp and hot.
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