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How to identify true silk and chemical fibber silk

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1, observation burnish. Silken burnish is downy and real silk is even, although bright but not harsh. Although rayon cloth burnish is bright also, but not downy suitable eye. Although the burnish of polyester fibber silk is even, but have glitter or bright silk. Burnish of polyamide fibber silk is poorer, went up as besmear the feeling of a waxiness.

2, the hand feels a sense. The hand feels real silk cloth to pull feel to become aware from time to tome, and other chemical fibber is tasted feel without this kind. Rayon cloth slippery bright is soft, but do not hold out draw together. Silk hand feels cotton harder and not downy.

3, analyse crease. When after the hand holds close silk knit goods, be unlocked again, because its flexibility is good,do not have crease. Rayon has apparent crease after cloth let go, and crease be hard to restorable. Thin silk of polyamide fibber silk criterion although have crease, but also can slowly restorable, reason do not be puzzled by place of its false appearance.

4, pulling force trying a rope for towing a boat. A few fiber are taken out in cloth brim place, with tongue general its embellish is wet, if be in embellish wet place to be pulled easily, the specification is rayon, if not be in embellish wet place to be pulled, it is real silk, if fiber is below dry wet state intensity is very good, be being pulled not easily is polyamide fibber silk or polyester fibber silk.

5, hear attrition voice. As a result of silk appearance the sericin is protected and be able to bear or endure attrition, the true silk with dry reason can give out a kind of noise when mutual attrition, common says: "Silk cries " or " thin silk cries " ; And other chemical fibber tastes breathed noise to appear.

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