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Going what limitting is good fabrics

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Compere says: The netizen asks: Fabrics of will popular this year what does eider down take? This year on the west is pants popular what fabrics?
Zhang Wei says: Business suit is very special domain, had been very professional domain, it is a kind of very formal dress.
Compere says: Is annual change a bit less?
Zhang Wei says: Yes, it is to be told at fashionable dress (change is smaller) , last year is stripe, probably a centimeter of right-and-left stripe this kind of fabrics is very much, the width of stripe can be increased later, can appear stripe of a few change, this also is the old way that there is continuance now.
Opposite for grid in business suit this domain is told very won't many apply, because of grid fabrics this product follows the formal sex of the suit, grid is pretty is recreational actually.
Compere says: Is very tall also to the requirement of bodily form?
Zhang Wei says: Yes, the suit is relatively plain coloured, a few fabrics of stripe give priority to, come up from fabrics saying is plain coloured give priority to, but if be told from fashionable angle, stripe also is met vicissitudinous, have the law for example, we can add a few jacquard weave through stripe now, itself is the stripe of design and color, include to tell same stripe on color the color that we can adopt a few change behaves it, this is new way is compared inside the suit.
Compere says: Still have a very economic problem, basically be you special major, the expert that has a major inaccessibly will sit hall, a lot of netizen raises a few questions that with oneself the job matters.
The netizen asks: How to distinguish with feel the stand or fall of suit fabrics? Can you recommend the fabrics that compares popular suit in last few years?
Zhang Wei says: We say the stand or fall of fabrics, basically be to see you pay attention to what respect more, the suit also has very much class, tell fabrics, above all what is your fixed position? If be told to high-grade suit product, general we can choose oxygen thin, exceed oxygen even thin, add a few cashmere even these raw material will do, these include field of feel, bounce each side asks the metropolis is a few higher.
To a few relative to more considerations. . . , because we know those who do to the material for making clothes of complete wool is very difficult, and use rise the problem that has drape is very much also, we can introduce most now suit product more of blending, include polyester fibber to do a few blending, because polyester fibber adds blending to be able to be done,cooperate very well, return the burnish issue that can consider him, especially summer when may use a few Mao Gensi's blending, the glossiness that increases it and easy are measurable, the function of appropriate summer, where is the stand or fall that how judges fabrics through feel?
One, above all the product that the product that you want to limit you to feel is a special high end? Want the class of the product to have an old idea above all.
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