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Judge early on January 22: Floss damask Xiao

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As the ceaseless innovation of dress tide, various sportswear is bestowed favor on newly into what be people, a few days ago, a kind of technology is novel change, the exterior is attractive change, the damask of floss of “ of recreational outfit fabrics that raw material combination changes Xiao ” is on Hangzhou silk city the swift-footed arrive first, with its much endowment colorful new face was attracted south business north merchant, its go situation quite beautiful.

Floss damask Xiao is the fashionable fabrics makings that enters town newly, also be to interweave one of fabrics strange flower. As we have learned, this fabric uses 2/20/22D of white filature silk and bombazine 80s to be raw material, composition reachs content: 45% silk, 55% cotton, choose jacquard weave damask organization, the removed damask of 0.2CM, go up in rapier loom by the norms of 9.5M/M weaving, craft does not provide craftsmanship, its feel is soft, the style is elegant, contain flashy effect, it is one shines beautiful fashionable dress fabrics. This fabrics fabric width is 150cm, show the market every meters of trade price is in 15-16 yuan, with colour and lustre character, you Yizhong ash, cream-colored, shallow dark blue, purple, lake the color such as blue, bronze-coloured most suffer travelling merchant to welcome. The spring that this cloth can make Jun Qian daughter not only is recreational outfit, and it is fabrics of ideal of towel of eye front wall, into mount body, not only contented making a person proposes a toast, and use up uptodate Shang Tongcai. Appear before long, namely by photograph of numerous clothing manufacturer in, a few view key link buy some, some chooses color to order goods. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, this cloth actors or actress with pledging a beautiful occupational window that sell city, after its Spring Festival more will smooth.

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