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Environmental protection is faddish potential of bamboo fiber dress is tremendou

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Recently, the center of development of national spin product that pursues textile design and popular climate research for a long time is advanced and advisory Mr Lai Zhanzhao thinks, when environmental protection consciousness looks up, environmental protection fiber is met predominate, because bamboo fiber complied with the tendency of the day of green environmental protection, its product category will expand further. Qiu Dong, bamboo fiber will use the terminal commodity such as Yu Sijin, cravat and outdoors kit extensively.

As the product that has Chinese own intellectual property, the day bamboo fiber of company of chemical fibber of Heibei auspicious Gao has made the new window on market of current domestic and international spin, got the attention of world spin industry. Already held share of 90% much bamboo fiber market at present, make brand of famous and new-style fiber, its fabric is getting the favour of increasing domestic and international consumer.

Copper is arrogant, at present red, dream fox, flexibly, China spin, Jiangsu, 3 guns, song enlighten, beautiful friend, Cheng Yu, butterfly An Fen, Bei Lei Sha, Bei Lishuang, Ruiyagaoke. For example: Academy of Shanghai spin science and too storehouse industrial limited company develops 2 cotton of city jointly developed textile of bamboo fiber series, unlined upper garment of jean, compensate, bedding waits; Wu Jiang city 8 Dou Jianfeng silk spun a factory to make Zhu Si fabrics; Limited company of dress of spin of Shanghai luxuriant business and textile mills of wool of Zhen Feng of Shanghai golden hill developed gauze of knitting of fiber of fabrics of bamboo fiber shirt, Mao Dizhu and bamboo fiber. In the meantime, sha of cupreous ox, Bei Lei, song enlighten, the business such as beautiful friend spin overcame bamboo fiber humidity successfully problem of big, shrink. Additional, the fabrics of blending of bamboo hemp fiber that Ruiyagaoke develops Hunan, make bamboo fiber fabrics is in soft and smooth, comfortable overhang while more hold out draw together.

As we have learned, one joined the recreational business suit of bamboo fiber material, reach 590 thousand yen in the price of Japanese market at present, a jacket is 690 thousand yen. In home, one contains bamboo fibrous shirt or skirt, price is controlled in hundreds of yuan commonly. The high additional cost of product of bamboo fiber spin, already became the motive power that manufacturer develops. Bamboo fibrous a variety of function, also make bamboo fiber product gets the favour of broad consumer, hopeful makes another popular trend.

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