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During 08 National Day Cheng Ze, fine encourage brief report of trends of prices

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During National Day grows a holiday, cheng Ze, fine start market of two ground materiality the management company of 90% insists to do business normally, can decrease apparently during the festival because of nonlocal travelling merchant and bank financing complete a business transaction is disadvantageous, cleanse silk market trades overall and insipid. Cheng Ze, fine start two ground market before 4 days of reluctance that value of product of silk of of all kinds cleanse is growing a holiday are being maintained smooth, and sale status also terribly is low fan, but Cheng Ze will spin enterprise POY factory price continuously on October 4 100 yuan / T is reduced, and depend on sb or sth for existence of the risk after most filature manufacturer considers a red-letter day, sex of the batch when clinching a deal actually all has certain extent to let value greatly.

Sell a field, half disappear smooth FDY50D, 54D, 75D/36 continues to maintain move sell position, basically use on warp knitting, for example, half disappear smooth FDY50D, 54D quotes at present be in 13800 yuan respectively / T, 13600 yuan / T; FDY total need is smooth relatively walk along free, 50D price is in 15500 yuan / T. POY is added although value of product of series of individual plant POY appeared,play a product next moving, 150D/48F price falls in 10800 yuan / T, but the straight sales volume that spin a factory picks up gradually, and POY of majority of sale of the place on the market is used at direct weaving, the market trades to appear delicate as before. Market of the 75D of breed of DTY silk convention, 100D, 150D trades the amount is not large. And sales volume of 75D/36F of DTY network silk, 100D/36F picks up somewhat, basically use at grinding production of coarse cotton cloth; Sales volume of black silk DTY75D also has continuously litre.

Look from downstream weaving circumstance, from the Cheng Ze since 5 days and circumjacent area downstream weaving switchs on the mobile phone rate had returned to normal condition, amount of hold of raw material of silk of wash of downstream weaving industry is extremely small, small amount of inventory of the middleman on the market moves. From filature manufacturer understanding: The manufacturer of a few chemical fibber of Cheng Ze place keeps normal production basically during the festival, product sale is in commonly 30-50% produce and sale, company stock rises somewhat during the festival, especially DTY inventory pressure is greater, but FDY, POY is not very big, works of filature chemical fibber all shows, rely on the spin industry with Cheng Ze place and circumjacent powerful area, predict end length a holiday washs silk trades the quantity still will expect enlarge, but downstream weaving company is very at present prudent control an amount, holiday of parent of factory of filature chemical fibber comes over more or less inventory is shown, short-term and adept affection still is faced with cleanse silk pressure.

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