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Science and technology of incline to of spin fabrics research and development in

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Countrywide cotton spin, color was knitted 2008, product of printing and dyeing develops annual meeting in fontal city Jin Jiang was held a few days ago, many 150 industry represents assemble, around " science and technology innovates " collective explore discusses the subject existing state of affairs of industry technology development and development direction, organized spin fabrics research and development to show an activity.

Xu Wenying of vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry points out, cotton textile is the fundamental sex property with principal industry of our country spin, reforming and opening comes 30 years, industry of Chinese cotton spin had taken a not even way, the industry overcomes heavy difficulty, satisfying requirement of domestic and international consumption adequately while, maintain rapid development continuously. Current, home makes the yarn fabrics that place of well-known trademark dress needs high-grade dress and international, undertake purchasing in home for the most part.

How should the industry promote competition ability further to cotton spin, xu Wenying thinks, should raise science and technology and brand contribution rate energetically, advance own innovation and technical progress. He says: "The enterprise should be done strong and not be corrupt big. Factories of a few diminutive cotton spinning, although personnel salary is as high as 15 dollars / hour, but still can continue to manage. The reason is its use worker worker little, updating equipment is very fast, the technology is banner, the product always follows market trend to go. The product always follows market trend to go..

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