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Korea fiber industry: Stand on innovation and fashionable shoulder

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-- the banner technology that watchs research and development of Korea fiber fabrics and fashionable concept

The outstanding outstanding achievement of Korea fiber industry, and show be obvious to all in the watch of international spin market in last few years.

Recently with be being experienced personally, experienced Korea fiber industry the banner technology that with its ceaseless research and development innovates and product, and the force that place of their relatively mature fiber production company has. Really, the Korea fiber industry of the banner technology such as the treatment after be being reached through the functional sex fabrics that has innovation of ceaseless research and development, former silk, coloring, can see the framework that Korea spin industry grows.

Have the fiber industry of characteristic alone

The level of fiber industry technology of Korea is in the world the 5th. The Korea ceaseless development for fiber industry, also breeding the talent of industry of a few fiber in the key. Take outfit stylist side for example, every annual meeting breeds 889 people, the talent of fiber industry respect also has every year probably 670 people. The government of Korea fiber industry also made development foreground program, the target is 2015 industrial fibrous produces specific gravity to want to achieve 55% , the proportion of dress product should expand to 30% .

Because sort of Korea fiber fabrics is much,be, face-lifting of design and color is fast, the price compared with European fabrics relatively cheap, korea fiber fabrics earned numerous China high-grade the favour of female outfit enterprise. Proprietor of an enterprise of Korea fiber fabrics should supply the Chinese large business that does OEM, as the integral promotion of Chinese garment industry, korea enterprise offers fabrics for treatment enterprise not only now, also offer the fabrics of sex of a few high-grade, functions for brand clothing company.

The data shows, chinese high-grade dress is being purchased and use respect of fabrics of Japan, Korea to occupy the 30% above that its use fabrics, and share still is increasing ceaselessly. Because locate high-grade market, korea fabrics proprietor of an enterprise should value the city that Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen basically makes high-grade clothing a few times this.

Union of Korea fiber industry is standing bright root is accepting vice-chairman river the say when the reporter interviews: "Reach complementary makings to the fabrics of the 14th China International that is about to hold (Qiu Dong) exhibit, korea fiber association pays close attention to very much, before association of imports and exports of accreditation Korea textile organizes staff of relevant and professional company, go to visiting communication. It is OK still to be exhibited through this the development of China of understanding of more meticulous ground in spin fabrics respect and current situation, past Korea basically is fiber raw material to Chinese exit, but China is in now the ability of this respect already very strong, the productivity photograph that Korea company is willing to develop ability and China with his layout ability, technology more is united in wedlock, march to the world for the foundation with this. March to the world for the foundation with this..
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