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China Oriental Silk Fabrics China market struggling to build capital

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In recent years, China Oriental Silk Market research set off a new style of fashion fabrics, thousands of market dealers and market Shengze areas surrounding large textile enterprises, make every effort to capture the world textile fabric trends information, the full use of modern Textile technological achievements, research and development, fashion, popular with all kinds of fabrics with different functions, the new product after another. Autumn and winter 2011/2012 in the just-released list of Fabrics in China, organized by the China Oriental Silk Market select in the Fabrics section 141, the number of finalists by 20% over the previous year, in the country's textile industry cluster in the lead. Fabric is a rich cultural element contains a special commodity, with the level of economic development and rising living standards, the most primitive naked textile fabrics, warm function has gradually given way to beautiful, stylish, comfortable and symbolic status, functional status, particularly rife in today's fashion-conscious consumer trends, the research and development of popular fabric has a special significance, therefore, guide and encourage the majority of popular fabric textile manufacturers to increase research and development efforts, and strive to create the fabric of Chinese popular China Oriental Silk Market have become an important goal of the CMC. As the ancient Chinese silk, textile Shengze in R & D new products, fashion and popular aspects of the boot had been terrific. As early as the beginning of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, produced in Shengze chiffon to the light, thin, flat, dense and popular domestic and foreign markets, is the world as "Sheng Fang", and in the USA and Panama in 1915, won the gold medal at the Expo for the country to win the honor. Many varieties of silk production Shengze selling overseas, become the fashion fabric, such as thin and elegant "Indian silk," sold a large number of countries in South Asia, Indian women wear silk produced by the "sari" became a fashion; "Korea yarn" Jingwei is a thin silk fabric, the beginning of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of Korea ready market for the production of dress, the Korean upper class status symbol; "Paris yarn" is popular in Western Europe, deeply favored by fashionable women. After the founding of new China, Shengze silk rise again, Habotai, Crepe De Chine, Suzhou Duan, Chun satin, velvet, has become a leading fashion Fabrics, renowned at home and abroad, and has seven products won the national gold and silver Award, becoming the leader of Chinese silk. Since reform and opening textile Shengze region continue to advance toward the depth and breadth, not only the production of textiles, more than 60 million meters annual ranking first in the textile industry base, but also in increasing the variety and wide range of quality, excellent quality. The current production of textiles, including silk, chemical fiber, silk, cotton, linen, all kinds of woven silk, cross- woven and knitted fabrics, and many other types of silk, linen, cotton and other natural fibers, polyester, nylon, spandex, rayon and other types of chemical fiber and Tencel, modal, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber and other fibers have a large number of new applications, and through the interwoven, blended, network, coating and other finishing processes as well as different means to produce adapt to different needs, with different functions in the new textile fabrics, the majority of consumers. China Oriental Silk Market Management Committee keen to capture the trend of textile fabrics in the textile market, the special role of consumer-oriented, decisive decisions, take effective measures to guide the majority of research and development of textile production Jingxiao Shang Fang Zhi popular fabric and lead to textile market product direction. Since 2004, the market management committee, together with China Oriental Silk Market Association, with the National Textile Product Development Centre in textile fabric designer training, organization of China's textile enterprises to participate in competitions Fabrics and Fabrics R & D incentive fund set up on the short- listed reward the popular fabric, textile manufacturers in order to stimulate the majority of new R & D initiative, achieved good results. In recent years, Shengze region Fabrics textile products business in 2005 from four companies of the 4 fabrics, the rapid development of the 93 2010 models of 141 companies fabric, fabric finalists short-listed the number of enterprises and account for the national finalists about one third of the amount, and has a variety of products have Innovation Award, Excellence Award, and Best Color Award; At the same time, there have been 14 companies in product development, outstanding achievements of China's textile product development base in the country development base in textile products accounted for a large proportion. Shengze textile enterprises in the popular areas of research and development on fabric achieved striking success, has caused widespread concern within the industry. Market Management Committee with the Chinese Textile Information Center, China Textiles Development Center, from 2005 onwards, each year held in China Oriental Silk Market of China's textile fabric trends conference, at present, the East market has become China's textile fabric trends released Fabrics China sourcing base and base, which greatly enhance the market visibility and influence. Shengze region to further develop the textile enterprises in the popular fabric development on the edge, in China Oriental Silk Market under the guidance of the management committee, in April 2010 established the China Oriental Silk Market Fabrics Alliance. Union Shengze areas include the excellent production and sales of textile fabrics 100 enterprises, including 10 state enterprises and development base of textile products, Fabrics more than 70 Chinese enterprises, including 10 companies selected 500 Chinese textile enterprises. Member companies with the most advanced water jet, jet, knitting loom 3 million units per year to provide 1.5 billion m of the most popular fabrics, the balance of products in recent years have been short-listed 500 Fabrics China. Alliance member company's products are mostly high-end products, higher value-added, differentiated characteristics significantly, the main products are high-grade silk, man silk fashion fabrics, microfiber fabrics, low-carbon eco-friendly fabric, shape memory fabric, sports series fabrics, casual fabrics, fashion ladies fabrics, down jacket series of fabrics, cotton mixed temperature control products, suede, umbrella fabrics and textile fabrics. To further enhance the Alliance's ability to develop and the level of Fabrics, on October 26 this year at the Winter 2011/12 trends conference in China on textile fabrics, the Alliance will work with the China Textile Information Center issued trend Centre signed a contract to establish a comprehensive close co-operation. Can be expected, Shengze region Fabrics Textile Development and production will reach a new peak, a popular fabric of China are almost certain. China Oriental Silk Fabrics China market to build the efforts of all levels of government and industry has been the strong support of the competent authorities. In order to showcase the development of innovative Shengze Textile Fabrics results, further expanding areas of textile Fabrics Shengze the influence of the market traders and foreign buyers set up a new bridge, China Oriental Silk Market the Party Working Committee, the CMC After careful planning, will be held October 21, 2010 Shengze just been completed in the silk market, the East Mall to host the 2010 China-color billet (Shengze) Fabrics Fair. The Fair by the Jiangsu Provincial Textile Industry Association, Wujiang Municipal Government, Jiangsu Garment Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee, Suzhou Municipal Committee, Shengze Town People's Government Management Committee and the China Oriental Silk Market China Xingyue Group also gets the China Textile Industry Association, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce support. By then, the majority of textile factories Shengze region and textile firms will showcase a variety of popular fabric independent research to show the overall strength of the textile industry Shengze area and a new image. During the fair, will organize a series of economic and trade related activities. The morning of October 21, at 2010 China (Shengze) Fabrics Fair Mall Opening Ceremony of color billet opening ceremony. Color billet China Oriental Silk Market Mall is the latest style shopping mall built in the textile business district, with a total area of 45,000 square meters, equipped with more than 460 textile shops between and attached to various types of intermediary service platform for textile industry and meetings, training facilities and other services , can hold a variety of textile business activities. The Fair's opening ceremony, CCPIT Oriental Silk Market in Suzhou offices, textile industry (Suzhou) testing center, e-commerce information Shengze Wujiang Silk Co., Ltd., China Oriental Silk Market Fabric Design Center, Suzhou Oriental Silk Market Inspection Services Co., Ltd., Wujiang City, Textile Technology Center Co., Ltd., China Oriental Silk Market Trade Enquiry Service Centre, Wu Jiangxing Rui Ren Tax Agency Co., Ltd., Wu Jiang Huaheng Accounting Services Ltd, Financial Accounting Service Co., Ltd. Wu Jiang Dingxin such as 10-color billet mall attached to a public service platform and intermediary organizations will be unveiling ceremony. China Textile Industry Association vice president Xu Kun Yuan and SAIC, the State Ministry of Industry and Consumer Goods Industry, China Business Federation, the China Textile Commerce Association, China Commerce Association, China Business Statistical Society, the China Consumer Association, the China National Commercial Information Center, Economic Daily, China Textile News of the leaders will attend the opening ceremony and related activities. 21 am will be held in the color blank mall Sourcing China Eastern Silk Market will, there will be more than 100 domestic and international buyers and suppliers of textile Shengze areas procurement docking site, and the demand for information on the textile, fashion trends information functional quality of information exchange negotiations. 21 pm, by the China National Commercial Information Centre, China Commerce Association, China Statistical Society, Business, China Textile News China sponsored survey recommended selling clothing brands, Award ceremony will be held in the color blank mall. The meeting will focus on the growth of popular clothing brand experience, will organize the award-winning apparel companies and enterprises to communicate Shengze fabric. 22 afternoon, Wujiang City, Hubei Province Chamber of Commerce held the inaugural meeting of colored blank mall. Hubei is an important textile industry base, the current market in the textile trade in the East of Hubei and more than 3,000 merchants, the prosperity of the market made a significant contribution. Chamber of Commerce was established in Hubei Hubei textile traders will effectively promote the cause of development. 2011/12 Chinese textile fabric trends autumn conference and exchange 2010 Wujiang textile fabric design summit will be held the afternoon of October 26 was held in the color blank mall, from the China Textile Information Center, China Textiles Development Center experts and researchers At the meeting, the latest release of the textile fabric trends, introducing new products Shengze textile enterprises in the latest achievements of research and development. Fabrics China Oriental Silk Market and China Textile Information Center alliances trends published in the conference center will be signing a comprehensive cooperation between the close, the same time, China Oriental Silk Market Fabrics Fair Online site will also be held at the conference opening ceremony. Conference will also recognize a group of Fabrics China enterprises, and organizations to observe the participants of China's textile fabric trends 2011/12 release static display area. Static display will be the trend this season's hot topics and trends in regional integration Shengze fabric exhibits excellent enterprises on display, and the trend with a lot of rich interpretation of the concept of clothing for the visitors four season fabrics theme: undercurrent of precipitation, the cradle , analytical. Way with the garment fabric to show the style better, so that designers and buyers to resonate, and promote product development and business contacts. China Oriental Silk Market, service center will also hold the fabric design textile fabric design communication Wujiang 2010 summit, invited a group of well-known experts in fabric design and designers share of world textile fabric design, design style, the latest information on trends and developments. 2010 China (Shengze) Fabrics Fair and at the same time a series of activities will be held in silk Shengze and China Oriental Silk Fabrics China market struggling to build a new starting point of all. Wind from the "east" to. We look forward to set off from the China Oriental Silk Market of the popular fabric of the "wind" blowing in the world, swept the globe.