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Company of Jiangsu Dong Hua develops fabrics of high-grade shirt of Ingeo corn f

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Limited company of spin of Jiangsu Dong Hua innovates to accelerate a technology, adjust breed structure, enhance gain ability, raise economic benefits, chose Ingeo corn fiber 2007 (get together namely Poly Lactic Acid of lactic acid fiber, ) of abbreviation PLA fiber, the spinning that passes a year of many time, weaving, catch whole wait for a technology research, tackle key problem, developed successfully " Ingeo corn fiber is high-grade shirt fabrics " (norms is × of 9.8 × 2/9.8 2, 435/258, 150, tabby) , the place of the innovation of this product is raw material new: Chosen Ingeo corn fiber is one kind provides development to go extremely fiber of qualitative new-style green zoology, be called 21 centuries " environmental loop, environment is friendly " material, make the product is had good immanent take property; 2 it is craft new: Through optimizing equipment of spin of craft condition, logical choice, improved corn fibrous to be able to be spun, can knit a gender, production goes out pure spin, raise high, all fronts is woven fabrics; 3 it is a function new: This fabrics guides wet, fight bacterium, raise skin, environmental protection, as good as consistence of human body biology, have affinity to the skin, extremely why excitant, have a day to be fought like that bacterium and mouldproof function, can prevent peculiar smell effectively remain, make clothings keeps pure and fresh; When be being worn, gentle Hua Shuang, moisture absorption discharges sweat, tactility comfortable, softness is bouncy; The overhang on the exterior holds out draw together, have the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics, colour and lustre to shine beautiful, dimension stability and protect look is good, fight knit and dismiss fine of very hot effect, fight ultraviolet ray, be able to bear or endure sunshine, yi Qing is washed, be able to bear or endure clean, make you can wear a health already, can wear a demeanour again, and after its goods is deserted can complete biology degradation, still can make your surroundings always is protected natural, pure and fresh.

"Ingeo corn fiber is high-grade shirt fabrics " check new retrieval via entrusting center of information of river sea university, the project is in domestic advanced level. This project had the honor to win the portion in March 2008 " of award of innovation of technology of " Jiangsu spin, at present my company already undertook patent is declared, already threw normal production, the report after the user is used is favorable, development application perspective is wide. "Ingeo corn fiber is high-grade shirt fabrics " the development of the project, creating better economic benefits for the enterprise while, can satisfy market consumption to long for more, the need that social harmony admits.

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